“Voprosy kiberbezopasnosti”  is a scientific, periodic, information-methodical magazine with basic competencies in the fields of information security.

Abbreviated key title: Vopr. kiberbezop.

Parallel title: Cybersecurity issues.

Magazine on scientific, applied and educational issues of information security, cybersecurity and technology. One of the main tasks of the magazine is to support young scientists, teachers, undergraduates, post-graduate students, doctoral candidates from different academic degrees.

Media Registration number: PI № FS 77 – 55950.

International Standard Serial Number – ISSN 2311-3456.

The magazine has Russian citation index: РИНЦ.

The magazine is published in print since 2013.

  Editor-in-chief :

  • Markov Alexey, Dr.Sc. (Comp.), Associate Professor, CISSP, IEEE Member; President at NPO Echelon

Editorial Board:

  • Sheremet Igor, Dr.Sc. (Comp.), Professor; Corr. Member; Deputy Director at RFBR
  • Babenko Ludmila, Dr.Sc. (Comp.), Professor; Professor at IS Department of SFU
  • Basarab Mikhail, Dr. Sc. (Math.), Professor; Professor at IS Department  (IU8) of Bauman MSTU
  • Garbuk Sergey, Ph.D. (Comp.), Associate Professor; Deputy General Director at FPI
  • Gatsenko Oleg, Dr.Sc. (Comp.), Associate Professor; CIO at NII PS
  • Dobrodeev Aleksandr, Ph.D. (Comp.), Associate Professor; Deputy General Director at Concern Systemprom
  • Zubarev Igor, Ph.D. (Comp.), Associate Professor; Deputy Head at 3CNII
  • Kalashnikov Andrey, Dr.Sc. (Comp.); Leading Researcher at ISP RAS
  • Matveev Valeriy, Dr.Sc. (Comp.), Professor, IGIP Member; Head at SC of Bauman MSTU
  • Petrenko Sergey, Dr.Sc. (Comp.), Professor; Professor at IS Department of ETU (LETI)
  • Starodubtcev Yuriy, Dr.Sc. (Mil.), Professor; Professor at IS Department of Budyonny MA
  • Tarasov Anatoliy, Dr.Sc. (Low), Professor; Chief Advisor for “Kaspersky Lab” on Low
  • Fedichev Andrey, Ph.D. (Comp.); Director at SCLI (Russian Ministry of Justice)
  • Tsirlov Valentin, Ph.D. (Comp.), CISSP, CISM, AMBCI; CEO at NPO Echelon
  • Shubinskii Igor, Dr.Sc. (Comp.), Professor; CEO at IBTrans
  • Yazov Yuriy, Dr.Sc. (Comp.), Professor; Chief Researcher for GNIII PTZI FSTEC Russia

Publisher (founders):

NPO Echelon

• Scientific Center of Legal Informatics at Russian Ministry of Justice